Struct Finance

Leveraging a dual strategy, Struct Finance transforms risk and rates by tranching underlying yield-bearing positions and strategically channeling liquidity to core protocols. These positions Struct as a pivotal liquidity provider within the ecosystem.


Terms of Sale

1. Standard – 20% commission

Investment amounts are limited to $50 – $1,000

2. PREMIUM – 12%

Investment amounts $50 – $10,000.

To obtain this status, fill out the application:


3. KOL (for bloggers) – 10%

Investment amounts $50 – $5,000

To obtain this status, fill out the application:

4. GOLD – 9%

Investment amounts from $50,000 to $100,000.

5. Platinum partner – 7%

Investment amounts from $100,000

* If you have your own DAO or KOLs pool, please write to https://t.me/ZelwinSupport

We will offer you special conditions and additional discounts!

Round Type

Strategic (KOL) Round

Current FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation)


TGE FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation)


Current token price


TGE token price


Total Raise



July, 2024



Blockchain Network


Mainnet Token Contract


Token Supply


Token Unlocks

20% at TGE, 1 months cliff, 6-month vesting


What makes Struct unique?

What is Struct roadmap?

Struct token utility?

Struct traction and revenue?

Who is the team of Struct?

Who are the partners of Struct?

GMX, Trader Joe, Ava Labs, Slowmist.

Who are the investors of Struct?

What are token metrics of Struct?

Listing and exchange(s)?

MEXC, Gate, Bybit etc.

* Past performances do not indicate future success.

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