Surf The Hype with Midle, the web and mobile app that boosts user acquisition, retention and engagement.


Terms of Sale

1. Standard – 20% commission

Investment amounts are limited to $50 – $1000.

2. PREMIUM – 12%

Investment amounts $50 – $10000.

To obtain this status, fill out the application:  

3. KOL (for bloggers) – 10%

Investment amounts $50 – $5000.

To obtain this status, fill out the application:  

4. GOLD – 9%

Investment amounts from $50,000 to $100,000

5. Platinum partner – 7%

Investment amounts from $100,000

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We will offer you special conditions and additional discounts!

📆 CLOSING OF APPLICATIONS – 5st of July 2024

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Private Round

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Current token price


TGE token price


Total Raise



July/August 2024



Blockchain Network

BNB Chain

Mainnet Token Contract


Token Supply


Token Unlocks

8% at TGE, 1 month cliff, 10-months daily vesting


Midle is the go-to marketing platform for brands aiming to supercharge user acquisition, engagement, and retention. With our innovative task-to-earn business model and cutting-edge data processing features, we deliver measurable and sustainable marketing results. Users completing basic onchain/social media tasks to earn Token/NFT rewards. Brands creating this tasks to boost their user acquisition, retention and engagement.

Join our thriving community of 225K+ users. We’ve proudly partnered with over 300 Web2/Web3 brands to amplify your marketing efforts. Plus, thanks to our advanced antibot sybil system, you can rest assured that all interactions are genuine and from real users.

What makes Midle unique?

– Top Accelerators & Partners: Midle is accelerated by CoinTelegraph and Albaraka Turk, led by Castrum Capital and granted by BNBChain, NibiruChain, CovalentHQ.
– Unique Features: Midle has many unique features like Geo-Targeting, Engagement Guard, Airdrop Launcher, Automated Task System, SDK Support and many more. Midle reshapes Web3 marketing by touching all the gaps of the industry.
– Stake-To-Drop: Midle stakers will win airdrops from many different projects by simply staking $MIDLE. Projects that want to use Midle’s Airdrop Launcher feature allocate 20% of their airdrops to Midle stakers. Currently, LiveArt and Space Mavericks projects are using the airdrop launcher and Midle stakers will also receive airdrops from these projects. Many new projects are on the way. Enjoy winning many airdrops just by staking $MIDLE!
– Trusted & Used by Top Projects: There are more than 300 projects using Midle for their marketing needs. Linea, Cookie3, Taiko, Sei, OKX, The Sandbox and many more.
– Large Community & Huge Growth: Midle continues to grow, gaining 180K new users in the last 3 months alone. With its large community and reliable partners, it continues to develop the project with new developments every day. A reliable, working team and a progressive project growth.

Midle token utility?

• $MIDLE holders will earn extra giveaway tickets and prizes on Midle.
• $MIDLE holder projects will earn discounts on subscriptions.
• $MIDLE holders will earn the right to participate exclusive campaigns on Midle.

• $MIDLE stakers will receive airdrop of other projects that using Midle.
With the airdrop solution developed by Midle, projects will be able to make their own airdrops using Midle’s system. To benefit from this service, projects will allocate a token allocation to Midle. Some of this allocation will go to Midle stakers as airdrop. For this reason, users who stake Midle will benefit from the airdrops of all projects using Midle.

• $MIDLE stakers will earn extra $MIDLE with high APR staking pools.
• $MIDLE staker projects will use platform for free.

MIDLE Tractions

225K+ USERS | 14K+ DAU | 300+ Partners

CoinTelegraph Accelerator (
Castrum Capital ( (Lead Investor)
Consensys Scale Program (
Albaraka Turk (

✨ CoinTelegraph is one of the shareholders of Midle’s Parent Company.

MIDLE Grants

  • BNB Chain (
  • Nibiru Chain (
  • CovalentHQ (
  • Plena Finance (

MIDLE Partners

MIDLE Launchpads

– AITech
– Ordify
– Trustswap

What are token metrics of Midle?

Listing and exchange(s)?

End of July/ Beginning of August

MEXC, Gate Confirmed

* Past performances do not indicate future success.

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