Klink is a leading crypto platform that innovatively combines quest-based task rewards with high-growth investing opportunities. Klink provides a unique opportunity for its users to earn cryptocurrencies for participation in daily affiliate-sponsored activities whilst growing their investments simultaneously.

Terms of Sale

KOL: 750k SAFT Pool @ 30M CAP (5% unlocked at TGE, 1 month cliff and 8 months vesting) (max 25k allocation).

Round Type

Current FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation) $30 000 000
TGE FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation) $50 000 000

Current token price

$0.0300 (-40% discount)

TGE token price


Total Raise

$750 000 KOL



Listing 30th June 2024
Token Unlocks

15% unlocked at TGE; 1 month cliff and 8 months vesting

Ticker $KLINK
Blockchain Network TBD
Token Supply 1 000 000 000 000
Mainnet Token Contract TBA


Please see private draft of long form whitepaper.

What makes KLINK (name of project) unique?

Klink seeks to bring the next 450M people expected to enter this next cycle into the realm of DeFi in a safely vetted manner, Full stack wealth generation services via Klink platform enables crypto earning from $0 of investment, activating every user entering into services.

What is KLINK roadmap?

KLINK token utility?

1. Loyalty Boost (Klink Pro): $KLINK token holders receive increased investment yield spreads, reduced fees and micro features only available to pro Klinkers, broken into tiers depending on how many tokens they stake in comparison to their total balance.

2. Bootstrap Liquidity: Post TGE we will offer large yield on token pools do drive deposits/liqudity into platform, reducing as AUM grow higher into maturity.

3.Partner Payouts: Users that are rewarded through engaging in tasks and quests, sponsored by affiliates and Web3 partners, will be earning in $KLINK token.

4. Airdrop: 5% of token supply will be driven towards airdrop activitys in various stages, to drive community growth, actions and investment led actions on the platform.

5. $KLINK Prize Pools: Staking $KLINK tokens on either Prize Pool or Fixed Yield pool allows users to earn additional high-interest rewards over time.

KLINK traction and revenue?

Traction and Partnerships:

– Acquired European VASP license in 2023, user base already active in 20+ countries.
– 20k+ organic active users onboarded in few months since launch of prize pool product,
– User Engagement: WAU-10k and DAU-3.2k.
– On-chain draw/reward distribution built on top yield protocols (new and forthcoming partners).
– Account abstraction roadmapped in 2024.
– 100’s of affiliate partner (Torox, Bitlabs, CPX, Zelwin etc) offers live on the platform and channeling user acquisition.
– Integrations with exchanges serving a cumulative user base of 6 million in progress.
– Forthcoming roadmap of diverse investment services from end of Q1 2024.
– Revenue generating, covering nearly half of current burn before moving into scaling efforts of user base

What is KLINK marketing strategy?

Heavily Affiliate driven, check founder G2M overview video: https://docsend.com/view/bfcnrkka3icsz4u6

Who is the team of KLINK?

Klink has two co-founders, Chris James Murphy and Philip Jonitz, with business and finance backgrounds and Avinash Buddana as Technical lead with a team of 6 developers who have built the Klink product over the past months. The Klink team has a wealth of experience and success in the areas of growth, finance, and blockchain development.

Chris’s LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrismurphylinkedin/
Philip LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philipjonitz/
Avi Linkedin here https://www.linkedin.com/in/avinashbuddana/

The team has experienced multiple successful new market entries and scaling startups from small teams to scale-ups. Philip & Chris have been commercial leaders and advisors to the growth of their professional lives and Avinash has tremendous experience in the blockchain and IT industry, building products for mass market adoption.

For full breakdown check out whitepaper of team and experience:

Who are the partners of KLINK

100’s of affiliate partner (Torox, Bitlabs, CPX, Zelwin etc) offers live on the platform and channeling user acquisition and monetization of activity.

Who are the investors of KLINK?

Pre-Seed Investors:
Master Ventures, UOB Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, Signum Capital, Blockbase, Matthew Zhang (Hivemind Capital) and TechMeetsTrader among others.

Token Investors (so far):
NIMBLR Capital (heads of Bybit), Platter VC, Mars DAO, Zelwin.Finance.

What are token metrics of KLINK?

Tokenomics available here

Listing and exchange(s)?

TBA. Tier1-Tier2 (Launching on two CEX, One DEX).

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