GPT360 is a super-app focused on providing multiple solutions for community engagement, growth, community analytics, and B2B networking within the Web3 industry.


Terms of Sale

  1. Standard – 20% commission

Investment amounts are limited to $50 – $1000 

  1. PREMIUM – 12%

Investment amounts $50 – $10000

To obtain this status, fill out the application:


  1. KOL (for bloggers) – 10%

Investment amounts $50 – $5000 

To obtain this status, fill out the application:


  1. GOLD – 9%

Investment amounts from $50,000 to $100,000 

  1. Platinum partner – 7%

Investment amounts from $100,000

* If you have your own DAO or KOLs pool, please write to https://t.me/ZelwinSupport

We will offer you special conditions and additional discounts!

Round Type

KOL round

Current FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation)


TGE FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation)

15M $

Current token price


TGE token price


Total Raise



End of June



Blockchain Network

Binance Smart Chain

Mainnet Token Contract


Token Supply



GPT360 | AI SuperApp for Web3 Marketing & Networking.

Introducing GPT360, the revolutionary super app revolutionizing web3 marketing and networking. Our innovative features have proven their efficacy in driving user traction, revitalizing existing user communities, and fostering community momentum.

At the heart of GPT360 lies our flagship feature, Chaterium Network. Unlike conventional solutions that often lead to inactive user participation, Chaterium Network fosters active community engagement through real-time chat interactions, powered by our advanced AI model. This approach ensures equitable reward distribution and maintains over 90% of user activity, effectively enhancing community engagement and sustaining interest.

What makes GPT360 unique?

Cost per ACTIVE user acquisition less than 0.55$.

Ready B2B Solutions for Community Engagement & Community Activation

Super-app focused on engagement, marketing and networking with unique and innovative solutions.

GPT360 distinguishes itself in the market through its innovative solutions tailored to the challenges of web3 marketing and networking. Our platform offers a comprehensive array of features crafted to amplify user engagement, propel growth, and foster community vibrancy. Here’s what sets us apart from competitors:

Advanced AI Technology: At the heart of our platform lies the Chaterium Network, powered by cutting-edge AI technology. This flagship feature facilitates dynamic community interaction through real-time chat engagements. By ensuring equitable reward distribution and maintaining over 90% user activity, we surpass traditional solutions hampered by user inactivity.

Comprehensive Feature Set: GPT360 boasts a diverse suite of features meticulously designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of our users. From customizable event creation tools to AI-driven community moderation bots, our platform equips businesses with the necessary tools to effectively engage their audiences and drive sustained growth.

What is GPT360 roadmap?

GPT360 token utility?

1) NFT Upgrading, Leveling, and Repairing: Users can utilize the GPT360 token to upgrade, level up, or repair their NFTs. This functionality is crucial for the Chaterium feature, ensuring the optimal performance and functionality of NFTs within decentralized communities.

2) Subscription for Chat Moderation AI Bot: Users can subscribe to the chat moderation AI bot using GPT360 tokens. This feature enhances the community management aspect of Chaterium by providing automated and efficient moderation services within messaging platforms like Discord and Telegram.

3) Battle Pass users and community owners will require GPT360 tokens to access and utilize the Battle Pass features. Community owners must also utilize GPT360 tokens to create tasks within the Battle Pass and contribute to the prize pool for these tasks’ rewards. Users are required to make a one-time payment in GPT360 tokens to gain access to the season’s Battle Pass.

4) Creating a Sprint event within the community will necessitate community owners to pay the creation fee in GPT360 tokens. This fee ensures the quality of Sprint events and helps cover platform costs

5) User Subscriptions for Chaterium Chat&Earn Feature: Users can subscribe to the Chaterium Chat&Earn feature using GPT360 tokens. This subscription provides an opportunity for users to earn rewards within communities even without owning an NFT. However, the gain rates may be lower compared to NFT holders, and certain specific features unlocked by NFT ownership may not be accessible.

6) DAO Voting: Token holders have the opportunity to participate in decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance by using their GPT360 tokens for voting on important decisions, such as platform upgrades, feature enhancements, and community initiatives.

7) In Affiliate Hub, the use of GPT360 tokens presents a dynamic opportunity for project owners to enhance their visibility and attract new partners. By leveraging GPT360 tokens, project owners can increase their chances of securing partnerships and stand out in the competitive affiliate landscape.

GPT360 traction and revenue?

GPT360 Actively building community and reach already such numbers:

Discord 15k+

Telegram 47k+

Twitter 42k+

Over 90 community integrations
Over 70 media partnerships
Over 20 strategic partnerships.

Revenue – 20-30k$ monthly (in testnet).

The project has different revenue streams.

Listings & Integrations – Live

Advertisements – Live

Affiliate Networking Commissions – Development

Community Analytics Subscription – Live

AI Moderation & News Subscriptions – Development

Events Maintenance – Live.

We’re growing revenue since December after release few features to the mainnet and providing them to different web3 projects through warm intros and BD. With our existing burning rate around 15k per month we are already getting over 20k in monthly revenue, which is covering on-going costs of development. By projection and expansion of deal-flow partners & revenue streams this number will grow significantly, especially after mainnet release (one month after token launch – strategically) 

What is GPT360 marketing strategy?

Our marketing strategy encompasses a multi-faceted approach aimed at acquiring our initial users and fostering sustainable growth. Here’s an overview:

Strategic Partnerships: Establishing collaborations with respected industry players to access their user base and leverage their networks for user acquisition.

(Already have over 60 media partnerships and over 15 Strategic partnerships that includes exchange of deal-flow, which is bringing us more B2B customers and as a result their members joining ecosystem after successful integration)

Influencer Marketing: Partnering with influencers and thought leaders in the web3 space to amplify our brand message and reach new audiences.

(Grwth.army is our strategic partner and KOL manager – KOLs boarding will start 6 weeks before launch.) Moreover we will launch ambassador program before launch.

Content Marketing: Creating engaging and informative content across various channels, including blogs, social media, and webinars, to educate users about our platform and its benefits.

Community Engagement: Actively engaging with our target audience on social media platforms, forums, and community groups to build relationships, gather feedback, and drive interest in our project.

Events and Conferences: Participating in relevant industry events and conferences to showcase our platform, network with potential users and investors, and generate buzz within the community.

Referral Program: Implementing a referral program to incentivize our existing users to invite others to join the platform, thereby expanding our user base through word-of-mouth marketing.

Paid Advertising: Utilizing targeted advertising campaigns across digital channels to reach specific user segments and drive traffic to our platform.

Who is the team of GPT360?

The team, located in Latvia, has worked together for more than 8 years, demonstrating a well-established and proven record of long-term projects and stability. Consisting of 22 specialists in the IT industry, GPT360 is a startup founded by a well-established team with proven records. Additionally, the team has over 20 remote members for various cases and aspects.


Nikita Kaperzov, CEO / Co-founder 

5Y+ Fundraising. 9y+ Management, 8+y IT


Artjom Lupjak, COO / Co-founder: 

8Y+ UX/UI, 6Y+ Project Management, 

15y+ Business Development


Viktor Latisevs, CTO / Co-founder: 

15y+ Software Development. 6y+ Senior Architect. 8y+ Team Lead.


Who are the partners of GPT360?

GDA Capital, InnMind, DTC Group, Finceptor, Gagarin, AITECH, MaticLaunchpad, SafeLaunch, DaoStarter, TrustSwap,Team Finance, GameFi, GSR, Gotbit, GemHead Capital, Kairon Labs, Volpex, Kommunitas, TaskOn, Yellow Capital, Binstarter, DAOMars, Listing Help, Seedify

Who are the investors of GPT360?

GDA CAPITAL, AITECH, Angel investors, Private investors.
Launchpads – Seedify, GameFi, AITECH, TrustSwap

What are token metrics of GPT360?

Listing and exchange(s)?

~30th of June

* Past performances do not indicate future success.

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